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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Here I am.. with a week long break since the last blog. just about finished the mid-terms and there is a one-week relaxation corner round..
what is it about love.. i mean, what does it take to get someone to love you. u know you love someone but just aren't able to be the same with that person as u are with others u aren't in love with. love changes perspective i think. u trend to over-impress them and in that process lose them. it's best to wait for love to happen perhaps instead of going head-over-heels with everyone u meet.
some girls are turned by intellect, some by the emotional ones, but i'm not sure what the girl i'm looking at is turned on by.. maybe she has a guy already in her life. maybe i'm only an intruder, a stalker looking to make his mark.
i can't dance well i guess. not really built for that kind of stuff physically. maybe i'll learn how to do that and be in shape shortly enough to warrant a girl in my life. but are looks the real criterion to find someone. would a girl fall for someone who is nice and all that but may not have anything in common with brad pitt's dna. i'm not sure. maybe things are meant to be that way.
all the good looking guys seem to give a damn about girls. and the rest don't succeed if they do.
whatever, life goes on none the less.
feeling lost and high. shld hit the bed. the mid-terms just got done. ought to find out what else is there to be done and get in track before i meet the next bumper on the way. help me god.
au revoir.
love u folks. and do spread the word that there is an attempted-decent blog out here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

excuse me, while i kiss the sky.

Hold the white end gently between the forefingers. In movements mimicking the hands' movement during a twist dance move the forefingers in harmonic motion. right hand forward left hand backward.. right hand forward left hand backward. let the contents flow out crumbling under tender pressure. move higher as the initial parts drop off. go on and on and on awaiting the final climax... aah the feeling.... done yet?
grap a fingerful in between the index and fore.. start filling her.. knock it down.. grab some more.. fill in more.. shake all over.. fill her in.. fill her in.. await the climax..aaaaaaaaah..
make her feel the tightness all around.. make her feel the pressure.. make her clench in agony at having the insides taken out and new content filling her...
done now.. have her tight? set her on fire.. light that end you started with.. take her to your mouth.. aaaaaaaahhhh................breathe in deeeeeppp............is she shying away...grab her close to your lips.. breathe in deep with her at your lips..cataclyssssssssmic. are you high?