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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To IIM Lucknow

The placement season begin way back in January. It should be getting over any hour now. And then the euphoria will spill over. Euphoria, spelt with a capital 'E', to quote the cliche, euphoria long held inside the stomach, vocal chords, hearts and other allied body organs! And when it spills over, there will be whiskey poured and new sins committed. There would be
248C2 hugs generated and many who will spill over their bi-annually held feelings like little ganders washing raindrops off their backs.
I'm personally gonna down some whiskey to act as a stimulant. So I may get my share of feelings sent out into the open and so I may receive everyone of the students with open arms literally (while my lucknow university colleagues do the same with open 'arms' too!!).
And then we'll have our faculty coming out and addressing the students, telling us the usual stuff about how our placements were so much better than last year, and how the junior batch worked so much harder than ours did for our seniors. Let there be the party. I'm sure it'll be the most rollicking one. One has no idea what a qualified quantity of alcohol can do with to produce alien chemicals using raw material from within the body. It'd take a Freud to describe the euphoria that it can generate, and a chemical engineer (with a Ph.D) to tell you the reality of the effect.
Off to the waiting room now!