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Sunday, January 23, 2005

sin to be unsure?? .. a poem to my mindset..

Sitting atop the wooden fence,
I can see both sides of the game
Would you care to join me
U don’t have to tell either groups your name

I’m not an undecided person
Wallowing in uncertain thoughts
The message to these people I send
I’m better off staying off from them lot

Some call me a joker
Some call me a foe
The one I admire most is another onlooker
He’s the one I’d like to know

Do u have to have an opinion all the time
Do u have to know what’s right or wrong
Can’t u just sit quiet and be fine
Listening to your own song

Give me that hand of yours, oh! Finalist thinker
I’ll pull you onto the fence
Those mortals won’t reach us here
Not being decided leaves them tense

I promise no fancy lands, I promise no pleasure
U may still want to take some side
The only thing that I offer is this treasure
Of being married to an unknown bride