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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Think no more...

It's 6 20 in the morning. Have managed about 3 hours of sleep starting 1 30 am. Two exams lined up for the day. Operations first, followed by Economics. Used to the grind now. The pressure is always there, so beyond a point, it only becomes a routine one learns to cope with than a new attraction. Would a celebrity manager feel the urge to take an autograph from his employer...... naaaaah!
With this we end our mid-terms. About quarter of the way through the course. And it appears, only yesterday I was running down Bishnu Priya Apartments making it to the Infy bus on time. That's in Bhubaneshwar. Breakfast in those days was hard to digest. Expensive and unhealthy, but a near-social event for the group. Breakfast here ..... just kidding.. i skip it regularly.
Its only two meals a day.
And a few hours of sleep a night.
Need to get back to doing what I really wanted to do here. Take part in some competitions.. and do well in them. If there is a sense of satisfaction I can derive from competing, winning would be secondary. But that's not, I know, how the corporate world operates or thinks.
In about a month and a half I'll get to meet my brother. Its been a long wait. A year and a half nearly. From his new accent I know he's changed a lot. And has enjoyed the change. Just as much as I have enjoyed coming back to the college life. Well not entirely college life here, but a good approximation it is. You could choose to make it feel like college, like some sections of the junta here does. But that's not my purpose here. Learning is. And I need to constantly stick to that.
Will try to be more regular with the blog. And try to do some publicity for it. The quality of the blog will be its greatest publicity. But like any new product, no matter how good, a certain amount of publicity would be needed. Marketing class hangover. :-)
Nidhi didn't mail back yesterday. She must have taken off on a meeting. Lots of them she's into of late. Being in an IIM it almost feels like we're on the same timeline. 'Coz I work right through the nights during exams and when assignments are due. That's one silver lining about having a lot of work and little time to do it. Sheena is to join her shortly. So more friends on MY time. Hahaahahaha............ the last laugh taken.
Published a poem last week on the blog. Some error prevented it from appearing and here I am, sick about losing it. :(
This time I'll make sure to write in a word doc and then publish it on the blog. Will get back shortly here...