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Monday, July 26, 2004

Communication Breakdown

Phewwwwww.. what a day has it been! The reality called IIM hit us hard yesterday. We had to work until 6 30 in the morning and start off for classes by 6 40, which guaranteed us a whole ten minutes of sleep.
 Work was going fine we thought, until the time when we realized the slides in the presentation had no consistency amongst them and it could bring us some negative marks coz of that. Set off working on it from 3 pm. I had taken to the comforts of the bed, lying down on it, listening to Srini making iterated deliveries of his part of the presentation. He'll get it right I knew. But when ! -- No clue. ( moving ahead in the time continuum from then on, we could have figured out he gave the best delivery of us all, today ).
 To top it all off we had Murgy coming drunk to my room, on his way losing a battle with the wooden door which wouldn't open to the inside the way he wanted it. I mean, not that I'm accusing doors of being adamant and sticking to their stand-point the way it happens in some group discussions, but it wouldn't open in a direction it wasn't built for none the less.
 Landing @ the library by 7 20 and forgetting to prepare for my part of the presentation didn't go well. What could be done, other than stick to the well-tested 'globe' presentation.
For the uninitiated, globe could be described as an answer which goes like "It's essential that as 21st century aspiring entrepreneurs we have to look at the shifting paradigms and influential parameters of today's changing world, while at the same time not losing focus on our inherited values and ethics" for a question as innocent as 'do you have an idea of what you want to do in life?'.
Oh! lest I diverge from the topic, this was a presentation for the Communications' class on Monday morning with the topic to be presented being 'Holland'. Many more of such presentations headed our way. And I'm waiting with a twinkle in my eyes and a clasp in my hands to get hold of them.
The presentation itself didn't start well I thought.  Fortunes favor the brave, though I'm sure misfortunes favor fools. The system wouldn't work in class and ma'am stood on the dias showing us as examples of how things may go wrong. It's nice to be recognized, though I would appreciate the cause for which I am recognized being a better thing.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

ticking away...

      a week. that's how long it's been since i've stayed off from the blog. the pressure is increasing. assignments pouring in like the rains on one of those bleary-eyed october sundays of bangalore.
      never rub the wrong end of someone who dictates what you do. unless you're nero.
figured out that having no time management can be a real screw-up. of course, through sermons at home and from friendly neighbours i've heard the same a hundred times or more. but then, there is nothing like learning on your own. when you send that time table awry and wonder why the shorter hand of the Titan watch isn't moving anti-clockwise. or when you return to the den you call 'home', last seen as a moving mirage left behind as you walk to class, wondering what happened to all those hours between the arrival and departure that god had promised you.      
    hectic for sure. but the learning has been tremendous. learn to be on time when you say so. learn to do tasks in a nice and orderly manner before they turn to be your nightmares. and learn to seek help left, right and centre in places you don't expect too.  :-)
    it's closing 2 a.m. just about managed to read the communication's assignment. need to write in a 2 page report on it. and if you're wondering why i'm not doing that instead of this blog.. i have an answer............ i'm not sure and rather don't give it much a thought.
    catch you folks shortly! and let's hope this next vacation isn't as long or taxing as the just-finished one has been.
silent lies the world outside
which reflects not what i do
on winds i try to rise and glide
but the clouds won't let me through

Thursday, July 15, 2004

how i got a free dinner OR are you 'loan'ely?

classes start at 8. we were expecting a quiz today. not the kind that asks you 'which river flows through washington d.c.'. this was a quiz on Quantitative Analysis in Management. not having studied much the day before wasn't really being of too much help here. i knew what was on it's way. the 'no copying' rule suddenly begin to sound illegal. with classes starting at 8 the least i could have done was get out of bed early enough and start studying for the quiz. woke up instead at 7 45. a good bath was all i managed, along with stepping in 2 minutes late into law class. things were relatively fine until now.
the quiz didn't go well. wasn't prepared. no guilt. ain't worth it. waiting for the next one.
today was the last day to pay the mess bill. woke up after a short nap at 5 45. 15 minutes again. thanks rohit. if it wasn't for you i would have had to shell out another 100 bucks on the morrow. oh! and rest those fears of your cash not reaching out to you on time. read on to figure out why.
i went to the nearest atm. having 20k locked in an account and being in dire need of cash is one of the trickier situations you come across. fought it off by going to Ganj along with bhaski and trideep. bless them.
they were headed to the same bank as i needed to. missed the return bus by a minute and had to hang around for an hour and a half before the next one made it's presence felt. bhaski treated us to dinner. he had cleared his exams. if he hadn't cleared them he would have had to step out of the insti right now. not great marks he said, but who cares as long as you're getting free dinner.
wouldn't have to pressurize shiva into giving me cash, now that i've managed to get hold of some. but i was sure that if the need be he's gonna jump into my rescue.

enough! all i've been writing of is about the things that have happened to me through out the day. i dont' see why that should interestr too many people. i mean, it wouldn't interest me to know about other people's dinner dates if i'm not in concern.

realized how important it is to be in a unit. you never know when you could become a lone ranger. a wanderer. but i think i could always bank on friends. it's worked before, it shall work in the future too.
yawwnnnnnnnnn., long day behind.. i need my rest. and hopefully wake up earlier than before 15 minutes to class. good night folks!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

coffee on the dashboard

.. and you're wondering what there is to the title of the blog. my answer - 'nothing'. it's just some phrase that struck me now, as i feel myself running from the main gate a good .5 km away to the computer room ( coincidentally .5 km away from the gate ).
if the coffee ever had a life and were put in a cup on a car's dashboard, did you ever wonder how he'd feel. it could be a female too, but i'll leave the gender bias to the winds.
to have yourself constantly churned by the movements around, to have the bottom most constituents of you getting on to the top, only to find them sink down all the way again and to find this happen on and on and on in the same cup right through isn't really what constitutes stuff needed for a call to the j leno show. ( and i say that without an inkling of an idea about the basis on which he makes those calls. i guess calling people hot in the market and media right now, to keep the TRPs high is a decent idea .)
getting back to the coffee ! car drives with music on have something about it. i wouldn't call it romantic, i wouldn't call it completely relaxing either. to me it is a feeling of melancholy along with a pinch of nostalgia. not that i have been on a lot of long drives before and take the same road now to earn nostalgia. it's one of those moments where you could let your mind really wander. into nothing. into a vaccuum. into your past. into the future ( though i suggest you keep that to the mornings post brushed-my-teeth sessions ).
finding yourself going past lethargic walkers on the sides of the roads, a stray cow or toad, another car driver in the direction opposite to yours or past the friendly neighbourhood is a great feeling. try to ignore the outside world for a change, just concentrating on half-split white medians whizz past your wheels and the long length of the road ahead, silken in it's view, but hard as ever on the wheels. let the mind astray on such a drive. remember to not take the kids and leave the dog home. remember to have your favourite rafi on the tape, remember to keep the windows down.. oh ! and lest i forget.. remember to have some coffee on the dashboard.