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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

who feels the way i do, 'bout u now..

the past few days of roomly comforts have been spent listening to oasis. I haven't really been someone who has heard any band to all depth. so oasis was only another experiment. somewhere in 1999 or2000 i remember seeing a song of theirs on mtv. 'twas from the album 'standing on the shoulders of giants'. the first thought that came by was that its a beautiful name for an album. needless to say, thanks to a decent education i knew that the quote was attributed to one of the 'greatest scientists' (one of the ?? )..

for more on 'standing on the shoulders of giants' and some association of the quote to two-pound Brit currency check out www.aerospaceweb.org/question/history/q0162b.
nick gallagher saw the inscription 'standing on the shoulderS of giants' on a 2 pnd coin. but high on guinness he ended up writing it down as 'standing on the shoulder of giants' on the back of a cig. pack for future inspiration. and they stuck to the title.

but here's the point i want to make. there are only a couple of songs that i listen to of the oasis now.
the first is wonderwall. the rhythm and tempo maintained in the live version is around the best i've heard. but the video of the song, which has the slower version going is an amazing piece in its own right.
the song is perfectly appropriate for a i-just-broke-up-with-my-girl/guy times. get some good coffee (whiskey if u are allergic to coffee) and play this one in low tone. nice time to ruminate.
putting in the lyrics of the song here.


another song that has been really enchanting is 'champagne supernova'..
the term of course is absolutely senseless and has no meaning (like most other title songs of great musicians - wud u really want to be in an 'octopus' garden' !!!! - and that's a best seller by a little known band called 'the beatles' too ).
c.supernova gave me the feeling of bigness, if there ever was a word like that. for once u get to feel an escapist thought in the old shack and it makes u feel good. do check out the lyrics of both these songs.. i tried putting them in here but couldn't coz of some problem with the tabs on the keyboard.

so long, until the next blog.