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Sunday, February 19, 2006

To the Rolli' Stones

This one's for the ole times sake and for the belief that IIM L's server might have betrayed our cause one more time..

Riding through the mist with velvet gloved fists,
In delicate movements on a roaring monster,
The tightening grip prodding me to go faster.
On a journey that you know,
The quicker you go, the further you’re slow

I held a hand in vain, through gentle falls of rain
But my grip was not made tight,
You let go and I didn’t fight,
Lovely guns here, lovely roses there,
Held in my mind, but out of sight

I’ll close my minds and ask you to step inside,
Through the secret chambers I’ll be your guide
And when you find something familiar
I’ll tell you that its you who lived here
But the monster will not wait, until he’s given his ride.

A friend's writing

This one's from a friend of mine called Chetan Chakravarthy- probably one of the few guys from my engineering college batch to stay loyal to Electronics.. all the way.

"As he dodged and evaded the gargoyles and the demonic fields erupting from the whimsical columns of the pre-Norman labyrinth, he could hear voices he did not make and made voices he couldn't hear. Hope was the only actuation as he waded through this rabbit hole. His body showed all signs of giving away without his cognitive consent, tethered by only with the fear of incarceration in the god forbidden abyss of the universe. The end was near, either for his mortal remains or for the diabolic odyssey. Just as his brain finished with the period of his previous thought, he caught a blinding glimmer at the corner of his eye. The heart, the strongest of his remaining bodily organs, overworked evaded punctuality. The pristine glow was unmistakable. He felt like the paragon of Epimetheus. Quickly on his feet he opened the box with a resounding thunk, eyes half closed, and serendipity struck fast and hard. He could see emeralds, rubies, wealth and millions of it. It was not what he was looking for. As he rummaged through it and it got better. Charm, wisdom, vision, character, attitude came out in stream and was followed by fervour, pleasure, reverence. His took in everything possible, but then just beneath freedom,speech and expression he found what he had been looking for. His journey had ended. A dull turquoise texture emanated and was floating in the ether. It was what he had imagined, when he had read about it years ago. Carvings at the edges were significant, and was programmed to be a simple tool. The login button was at the centre. He clicked on it and entered....chetan_cg. Found also at http://www.skype.com/products/skype/windows/".

Keep the good work going brother!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

things u own.. end up owning u.. - tyler! "fight club"

here's a note on one of my pet toys.. my mobile phone..
he's got a name as given to him by the guys who made him. his 'Creator' if u may call him so.. the name is Nokia 3315. Relic model for those who love the communication bandwidth and believe that their life revolves around hypocritically staying in touch with people they like in a way that is artificial and created for us by other Creators.
Back in the old days, love would have been conveyed by scratching each others backs, growling and purring or by picking lice. But in the new days, its done by sending messages in languages that are clones of the original (from more Creators), sending mails and abusing bandwidth further.
I give a fuck about technology! Wherein lies the harmony that I share with my ante-diluvian cellphone..cell phone.. mobile phone.. like I said.. I give a fuck as to what u call it! Bluetooth? Yeah right!
Here are the characteristics that define my mobile phone!
1. He has no display of the numbers, letters or any other characters - If he were to be personified, my mobile phone would be like Poseidon.. the god of water..occupying the shape that the last guy who held him was shaped like.. there are no letters on my cellphone.. just the remnants of something wonderfully etched in ink with the hope that it would be permanent .. screw consumer courts
2. he vibrates ... coz he makes no sound.. my nokia 3315 lost his voice around the time Iraq lost the war to US.. all he does now is vibrate like a timid rabbit held by its ears close to a person's heart.. posing for a photo that is captured in 9 milli seconds by a camera, but lasting in that pose for a good 45 seconds, coz the guy with the camera is human. Some IC is gone for a toss they said. and can't be fixed.. glad!
3. Lost display on screen - He's got a mind of his own.. visible only at times.. simple things tick him off and he gets lost.. things like too much pressure in the left pocket of my trousers.. things like a call he might have got from someone who is listed with him... but i understand the display absence. Its at times like this that one makes his heart hard.. and I do so by typing out messages without knowing what's coming up. Because I know him like the back of my hand. I know the next combination of letters that would pop up if i press '*' another time and choose the next option my dictionary gives.. like I said.. The Fuck I care!
Would i part with him? no way... coz he is like me.. much more than what is described in points 1 - 3.
Finland rocks!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freedom - Another word for nothing left to lose!!

Enclosed in the strong stern, protected by bow,
Inside the ship that sails away from tides low,
Captive in a cage, of cold metal and captain's spells,
The little bird chirps at all around, as the sea swells.

"Clairvoyance my captain, is but nature's gift to me,
Just as thy seller's cruel heard was to he".
"SILENCE!!" boomed the captain,
Another storm in his mind, reaching the one on the outside.

"The storm will rise further, ak in the seas crossed by Christ,
Put faith in your savioiur, or to Poseidon be sacrificed",
"SILENCE!" boomed the captain again, even louder,
"I shall comeout safe, inspite the skies, and if even Mercury shroud her".

As if in reply to the captain's words,
Struck lightning and Thor, like tormenting twin birds,
In one stroke upon the shaft, did the Gods split,
The ship in two and all within from hilt to hilt.

"Clairvoyance, is but a gift of nature to me, Dead captain,
Just as your cruel heart was to you"
"I saw the fierce storm that you didn't see" said the bird,
Through torn cage and ship, to the Island of Freedom he flew!

And sits one atop, the books to ponder,
The thoughts fluttering yonder and yonder,
Should I trust what my ears hear and eyes see,
Or should I trust my sub-conscious mind, which like the bird, is free!!!