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Sunday, December 12, 2004

i'm a poet.. and didn't know yet!!!

Between the option of choosing a good plate of Mysore Masala Dosa with some fierce looking red chilli chutney and delectable coconut chutney and a quick return to the campus in order to cover the remains of the MANAC case, what would any intelligent, quick thinking, ambitious MBA grad at IIM Lucknow choose?? yeps.. u guessed it right! Can I have sambar too please??
Last friday was spoilt by the need for us to go to the SBI branch here in Lucknow for the sake of some good grades in a course called DWO - Designing of Work Organizations for the uninitialized. If corporate strategy and workforce are the fabrics of any organization, they may have as well introduced DPLD - Designing Pattu Langas and Dhavanis for the same lot of uninitiateds as a course.. the fabric is better and the results are obtained much faster - along with one good country date who won't let u touch her or the dress u designed for her.
Tonight is going to be a long night.. and i hope it ends with one of my team members, preferably not Varun, seeing the star in the distant skies and us realizing that He's born to save us from total demolition.. in the full credit DWO course.
Of course the lot of us would set off, though not on camels or donkeys but certainly on Vikas' Yam 135 and Varun's 'whatever bike he has' to deliver the pdf ppt and word doc to the newly born.
Before I leave u'll with a poem I wrote one night, let me remember that I have the remains of teh MANAC case still left to do.. happy reading..

Far from the maddening crowds
In a place so splendid
Not on earth but in the strato clouds
Where the eagle’s reach has ended

I ruminate about things unearthly
And wonder where I’m headed
No nights to sleep, or days to wake early
To time I’m not wedded

This canvas called life I don’t feel,
In a different dream I ponder
Like Atlas with his weight, I don’t keel
I’m away from even yonder

Voices around, though loud I can’t hear them
They’re so close to me but still ignored
My own whisper I listen to – My Anthem!
I wouldn’t move if chased by even a Nordic Horde

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Sundaresh said...

Good one boss!