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Sunday, February 19, 2006

To the Rolli' Stones

This one's for the ole times sake and for the belief that IIM L's server might have betrayed our cause one more time..

Riding through the mist with velvet gloved fists,
In delicate movements on a roaring monster,
The tightening grip prodding me to go faster.
On a journey that you know,
The quicker you go, the further you’re slow

I held a hand in vain, through gentle falls of rain
But my grip was not made tight,
You let go and I didn’t fight,
Lovely guns here, lovely roses there,
Held in my mind, but out of sight

I’ll close my minds and ask you to step inside,
Through the secret chambers I’ll be your guide
And when you find something familiar
I’ll tell you that its you who lived here
But the monster will not wait, until he’s given his ride.

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