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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freedom - Another word for nothing left to lose!!

Enclosed in the strong stern, protected by bow,
Inside the ship that sails away from tides low,
Captive in a cage, of cold metal and captain's spells,
The little bird chirps at all around, as the sea swells.

"Clairvoyance my captain, is but nature's gift to me,
Just as thy seller's cruel heard was to he".
"SILENCE!!" boomed the captain,
Another storm in his mind, reaching the one on the outside.

"The storm will rise further, ak in the seas crossed by Christ,
Put faith in your savioiur, or to Poseidon be sacrificed",
"SILENCE!" boomed the captain again, even louder,
"I shall comeout safe, inspite the skies, and if even Mercury shroud her".

As if in reply to the captain's words,
Struck lightning and Thor, like tormenting twin birds,
In one stroke upon the shaft, did the Gods split,
The ship in two and all within from hilt to hilt.

"Clairvoyance, is but a gift of nature to me, Dead captain,
Just as your cruel heart was to you"
"I saw the fierce storm that you didn't see" said the bird,
Through torn cage and ship, to the Island of Freedom he flew!

And sits one atop, the books to ponder,
The thoughts fluttering yonder and yonder,
Should I trust what my ears hear and eyes see,
Or should I trust my sub-conscious mind, which like the bird, is free!!!

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