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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Die Potter Die

Do you get that feeling too? Its taking over me very slowly, yet steadily. And the media is the one to blame for it I think. Any channel I surf through, from Nickolodeon to God TV, from Kairali to E Tv Gujarati, they are all showing Potter stuff and I get the feeling that I should take the role of Voldermort pretty quickly, to ensure that this Potter guy dies and stays dead. Reincarnation may not be an acceptable concept in Hollywood, but I ain't taking no risks. I wanna make sure I kill this Potter guy off, once and for all just to make sure all channels on TV are not filled up with him anymore. Sigh! The nerves are getting weaker and I think Potter and his friends are playing on two-thirds of them.
How I'd like to play a game of quiddich with him and ensure that the small flying thingie that when caught ends the game, is something that is poisoned on the surface and explodes on his face at the same time. How I'd like to pull the broom from under him when he's cruising at 40K altitudes. Remember that little kid in ET, with the cycle having a little basket in front. I would love to put the Potter boy in that little basket and let him go off to space.. run him low on oxygen and cut off his supplies of the essentials.. and play him Himesh Reshamaiyya until his heart collapses inwards.. Small troubles in executing the plan, what with space travel getting expensive and all that, but I'm sure the world would be so much better with lesser Potter potty on TV.
Now that I have taken that out of my system.... aaah.. I think I'll get back to watching NGC. Hmmmm.... nice!


Anonymous said...

For being a book lover.....u certainly don't appear to have read Harry Potter - have ya? Guess i will dig out my copies and do u a favor..... :P
N for Chrissake don't be sooo childish abt the attention...heheheh

V.I.D.S said...

lol.... why dont u switch off the TV and go to gym for a change ?? :P

Viji said...


Ashok said...

I know, infact my publication thinks that Potter is done to death ... But then readers don't feel the same ..

Most people don't have time (money ... any damn reason) for any individualistic passion ... what they wallow at is regular zeitgeist..

Sad man!