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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

coffee on the dashboard

.. and you're wondering what there is to the title of the blog. my answer - 'nothing'. it's just some phrase that struck me now, as i feel myself running from the main gate a good .5 km away to the computer room ( coincidentally .5 km away from the gate ).
if the coffee ever had a life and were put in a cup on a car's dashboard, did you ever wonder how he'd feel. it could be a female too, but i'll leave the gender bias to the winds.
to have yourself constantly churned by the movements around, to have the bottom most constituents of you getting on to the top, only to find them sink down all the way again and to find this happen on and on and on in the same cup right through isn't really what constitutes stuff needed for a call to the j leno show. ( and i say that without an inkling of an idea about the basis on which he makes those calls. i guess calling people hot in the market and media right now, to keep the TRPs high is a decent idea .)
getting back to the coffee ! car drives with music on have something about it. i wouldn't call it romantic, i wouldn't call it completely relaxing either. to me it is a feeling of melancholy along with a pinch of nostalgia. not that i have been on a lot of long drives before and take the same road now to earn nostalgia. it's one of those moments where you could let your mind really wander. into nothing. into a vaccuum. into your past. into the future ( though i suggest you keep that to the mornings post brushed-my-teeth sessions ).
finding yourself going past lethargic walkers on the sides of the roads, a stray cow or toad, another car driver in the direction opposite to yours or past the friendly neighbourhood is a great feeling. try to ignore the outside world for a change, just concentrating on half-split white medians whizz past your wheels and the long length of the road ahead, silken in it's view, but hard as ever on the wheels. let the mind astray on such a drive. remember to not take the kids and leave the dog home. remember to have your favourite rafi on the tape, remember to keep the windows down.. oh ! and lest i forget.. remember to have some coffee on the dashboard.

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aveoonnn said...

a cup and a coffee..mayyyynnn this aint my lieeeff mayyynnn..this is confuzing mayynnnn..jus wennn ovaaa my head mayynnn...aveonnn.