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Monday, July 26, 2004

Communication Breakdown

Phewwwwww.. what a day has it been! The reality called IIM hit us hard yesterday. We had to work until 6 30 in the morning and start off for classes by 6 40, which guaranteed us a whole ten minutes of sleep.
 Work was going fine we thought, until the time when we realized the slides in the presentation had no consistency amongst them and it could bring us some negative marks coz of that. Set off working on it from 3 pm. I had taken to the comforts of the bed, lying down on it, listening to Srini making iterated deliveries of his part of the presentation. He'll get it right I knew. But when ! -- No clue. ( moving ahead in the time continuum from then on, we could have figured out he gave the best delivery of us all, today ).
 To top it all off we had Murgy coming drunk to my room, on his way losing a battle with the wooden door which wouldn't open to the inside the way he wanted it. I mean, not that I'm accusing doors of being adamant and sticking to their stand-point the way it happens in some group discussions, but it wouldn't open in a direction it wasn't built for none the less.
 Landing @ the library by 7 20 and forgetting to prepare for my part of the presentation didn't go well. What could be done, other than stick to the well-tested 'globe' presentation.
For the uninitiated, globe could be described as an answer which goes like "It's essential that as 21st century aspiring entrepreneurs we have to look at the shifting paradigms and influential parameters of today's changing world, while at the same time not losing focus on our inherited values and ethics" for a question as innocent as 'do you have an idea of what you want to do in life?'.
Oh! lest I diverge from the topic, this was a presentation for the Communications' class on Monday morning with the topic to be presented being 'Holland'. Many more of such presentations headed our way. And I'm waiting with a twinkle in my eyes and a clasp in my hands to get hold of them.
The presentation itself didn't start well I thought.  Fortunes favor the brave, though I'm sure misfortunes favor fools. The system wouldn't work in class and ma'am stood on the dias showing us as examples of how things may go wrong. It's nice to be recognized, though I would appreciate the cause for which I am recognized being a better thing.  

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