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Thursday, July 15, 2004

how i got a free dinner OR are you 'loan'ely?

classes start at 8. we were expecting a quiz today. not the kind that asks you 'which river flows through washington d.c.'. this was a quiz on Quantitative Analysis in Management. not having studied much the day before wasn't really being of too much help here. i knew what was on it's way. the 'no copying' rule suddenly begin to sound illegal. with classes starting at 8 the least i could have done was get out of bed early enough and start studying for the quiz. woke up instead at 7 45. a good bath was all i managed, along with stepping in 2 minutes late into law class. things were relatively fine until now.
the quiz didn't go well. wasn't prepared. no guilt. ain't worth it. waiting for the next one.
today was the last day to pay the mess bill. woke up after a short nap at 5 45. 15 minutes again. thanks rohit. if it wasn't for you i would have had to shell out another 100 bucks on the morrow. oh! and rest those fears of your cash not reaching out to you on time. read on to figure out why.
i went to the nearest atm. having 20k locked in an account and being in dire need of cash is one of the trickier situations you come across. fought it off by going to Ganj along with bhaski and trideep. bless them.
they were headed to the same bank as i needed to. missed the return bus by a minute and had to hang around for an hour and a half before the next one made it's presence felt. bhaski treated us to dinner. he had cleared his exams. if he hadn't cleared them he would have had to step out of the insti right now. not great marks he said, but who cares as long as you're getting free dinner.
wouldn't have to pressurize shiva into giving me cash, now that i've managed to get hold of some. but i was sure that if the need be he's gonna jump into my rescue.

enough! all i've been writing of is about the things that have happened to me through out the day. i dont' see why that should interestr too many people. i mean, it wouldn't interest me to know about other people's dinner dates if i'm not in concern.

realized how important it is to be in a unit. you never know when you could become a lone ranger. a wanderer. but i think i could always bank on friends. it's worked before, it shall work in the future too.
yawwnnnnnnnnn., long day behind.. i need my rest. and hopefully wake up earlier than before 15 minutes to class. good night folks!

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modscientist said...

Hi Suri. Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't want you to think that I am criticizing a custom, only trying to understand. The explanation I received just made it seem as though no one would be very supportive of her obtaining higher education and that there are few in her cast which her parents have approved. However, I know that this is partially due to parents who care for their child, and want the best just as any parent would. You know, even though we may not all have arranged marriages, family and friends still try to have an impact on who we choose.

Also, do you know why it is so extremely difficult for some to obtain a visa? Her sister has tried twice and has been denied. She was accepted to a Master's program here, but she will not be able to come now. I feel bad for her because she is really bummed about not being able to have her sister here.

Once again, thanks for the reply and I will look out for more posts. Until then-study for your next quiz and get a louder alarm :)