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Friday, December 22, 2006

An hour with the Idiot-box

The Day Begins -
Wake up.
Get ready.
Attempt to go easy on breakfast. Fail!
Hail auto. Fish out a tenner!
Attempt to work. Fail!
Call for kadak chai. Pay.
Attempt to work, again! Partial success!
Attempt to work. Succeed.
Call for kadak chai. Pay.
Check if manager has left.
Affirmative! Slip into his room.
Slip out of formals. Slim into work-out wear.
Work out. Get home. Bathe.
Attempt to go easy on dinner. Fail!

An hour with the Idiot-box! Outcome of time-slicing the hour.

Health Minister Anbamani Ramadoss has a problem with Baba Ramdev, yoga guru, saying Yoga can cure cancer. If more people take to Yoga based on that, cure or no cure, is there an issue?

Hot hostess of “Entertainment Newz” (sic!) tells Vinod Khanna has taken risk. Smart pun she thinks. It’s his new movie’s name – “Risk”. It doesn’t matter what Khanna names any of his movies, watching them is always about taking Risk…for the audience.

The History Channel in Hindi! Lip sync indicates the original is in English.
Usne dilchaspi se kaha goes the red-head…..My senses feel like the sensex!

Japanese cartoons... Telugu voice-over! Moving on from this channel... into a minor depression! Prozac rules!

Guy with a six-pack on his abs, wearing Numero Uno jeans walks into a beach-volleyball match featuring…. Sigh!...bikini models. Bikini babes walk away with him. Jeans or genes! I’m too late for the latter.

Good ad about Tata Sky’s gaming content. Reminds me of Zapak’s (www.zapak.com – online gaming co.) advertising strategies. At Brew Bar’s toilet, they have level 1, 2 and 3 stuck into the toilet bowl. At eye level is level 4 with a sticker indicating “Zapak”. It’s a take on the “If you can piss above this line, join the fire brigade” joke from all our school days. But it’s packaged well…considering it’s the toilet they were advertising in.

IBM’s advertisement – “It sure looks good on paper! Who is gonna make it look good on stage?”
Great! So now we have it covered on paper and on stage. Wonder who is going to help out in the actual implementation.

Lok Sabha channel.
Nehru set up the IITs on the lines of MIT. Seeds sown then are blooming now and will bloom for many years to come. But it’s not over. In his words “As long as there are tears and sufferings, our work is not over”. Great words from a great person

A golf coach was complaining that the government is not doing much about promoting golf in India. His idea was that the government should set up golf courses for the public and anyone interested can come and play.
What about the golf clubs? Ever tried playing golf with a wooden plank when your bare foot. The caddie will kick the public where it hurts.

In the past hour there have been telesales ads to promote products that help reduce weight, provide great abs, teach English in 30 days, promote hair growth and stop dandruff, teach you to teleport yourself the Orion, and even rule the world if you like the option.

Watching TV late into the night could get fairly daunting.



Shreyas said...

Maga... something scary about these you slipping into the Boss' room and slipping out of your clothes! Hmm.. and what with you noticing the number of packs on male models!

Anonymous said...

no such risks guru.. even narcissus had to stare at himself.. if u're rationale holds its worth of wine, he'd not just be gay, he'd be into something else.. :).

Vibhu said...

Piece of advice.. stop watching television... Suri you are too old for that...