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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Words of Wisdom!!!


7:10 PM - Thoughts about writing a blog! Gathering what goes in mind when I'm in the gym

7: 23 PM - Abrupt meeting called about a status update in the project

7:25 PM - Body shifts to the further parts of the room - If you close your eyes long enough, would you go unnoticed?!!

7: 27 PM - First hint of a new Shakespeare in the room - client side manager says "Aye, shhh.. the computer is the most intelligent person for theees wark"

7: 28 PM - Large body sits upright in chair again, after going into hiding and brief hibernation, unable to prevent laughter

7: 33 PM - Second hint of the 6 minute old Shakespeare in the room - client side manager says "You think in theory...you think like a broad little more" (be broad-minded!?)

7: 39 PM - I vanish once the statement is completed and emerge later in the basement of the building, running wildly and am stopped by security - I get the broader picture of the past 6 minutes

7: 41 PM - Eager participation in the meeting, with hopes of sufficient provocation of the manager to get some more beauties

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