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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Resolutions

Its gonna be another 15 minutes before I move out of home and try to get some beer. Amongst other rich seasonal Bangalore traditions is the hooliganism that one displays at Brigade-MG Road junction the last 2 hours of new year's eve and a couple of hours into the new year. Of late though, like other traditions, this one has been diluted with the entry of too many families during the graveyard shift.
With 15 minutes left to leave, I thought I could fill in my new year resolutions. Doesn't deserve more time than that I guessed :-)

1. Stop consuming alcoholic drinks
2. Stop smoking
3. Work harder
4. Get myself a new six-pack (of abs, clearly!)
- The previous purchase order made from TeleShopping is stuck in the Shaolin Temple apparently. Chinese relations I hear!
5. Go easy on the imagination with new year resolutions.

On that note, happy new year folks! :-)

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